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Blue-Violet Dragon Goby - Freshwater Gobioides Broussonnetii

Blue-Violet Dragon Goby - Freshwater Gobioides Broussonnetii

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Approx 6" 

Currently in freshwater but can also be kept in brackish tank.  

The violet goby has a long, slender, eel-like body. Its dorsal and anal fins run almost the entire length of the body. The teeth are very sharp; however these are used for scraping  anlgae off rocks, not fighting. When kept in good condition, dragon gobies develop an attractive, iridescent, silvery-blue metallic color. Violet gobies have very small eyes, and as such are primarily scavengers.

They are territorial with their own kind and cannot be kept together in a standard-sized tank. They cannot compete with common aquarium fish such as tetras and barbs and are unsuitable for a community tank. Individuals are usually wild-caught, and may have trouble learning to eat commercial fish foods. They feed mostly on filamentous algae, and in captivity must have access to vegetable food such as spirulina flakes or algae wafers. It is often sold as a "highly aggressive" fish, but violet gobies are actually quite docile, and nearly blind

Despite its fierce looks, large mouth, and many teeth, the violet goby is a predator scavenger. If well fed, it usually will not bother smaller fish.


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