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Bubble Magnus Curve 5 Elite Protein Skimmer

Bubble Magnus Curve 5 Elite Protein Skimmer

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The Bubble Magus Elite Series are value-packed skimmers with approachable setup and tuning, high quality materials, and excellent skimming performance. The Elite skimmers include welcome features such as the geared water-level adjustment knob for precise water level control, and a skimmer body that completely disassembles for thorough cleaning when it comes time for maintenance. Sicce skimmer pumps are famous for their reliability and quiet operation, and are a great addition to this skimmer design. The collection cup is easy to remove for cleaning, and also includes a built-in drain port for connection to a larger collection reservoir if you want to extend maintenance intervals. The combination of thoughtful design and quality materials makes the Elite a competitive and high-value skimmer option.


Curve 5 Elite Sizing Recommendations

  • Light Bioload: 125 gallons
  • Medium Bioload:  100 gallons
  • Heavy Bioload (most common): 75 gallons


  • Footprint: 7.28" x 7.08"
  • Height: 18.5"
  • Recommended Water Height: 9.5" - 11"
  • Pump Model: Sicce SK-200 Needle-wheel pump
  • Power Consumption: 18 Watts @120VAC, 60Hz
  • Air Draw: 300 LPH
  • Water Flow: 375 GPH
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