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Daphnia Food 2oz Special Powder Mix

Daphnia Food 2oz Special Powder Mix

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This is 2 oz of mixed powder for feeding live daphnia. It is a mix of 5 organic components to provide proper nutrition for live daphnia. The ingredients used help raise the nutritional value of the daphnia.

Mix approx 1/4 TSP of powder in a bottle with water and shake vigorously. Make sure the water used does not contain chlorine - aged tank water is best. Pour the mixture into the daphnia tank to feed them. 

This is the same mixture we use on all of our daphnia tanks. We feed our daphnia once a day and it is important to not over feed. Water should be a bit cloudy after the mixture is poured in. The water will clear up as the daphnia feed on the mixture through out the day. You may have to adjust the amount of powder you use depending on the amount of daphnia you are feeding and the container size you house them in. 


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