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Finatics Aquarium

Finatics GoldFish Flake Food Made In U.S.A.

Finatics GoldFish Flake Food Made In U.S.A.

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Our Goldfish Flake Food is specially formulated for goldfish. It is designed to provide a balanced and nutritious diet. The flakes made from a blend of ingredients that cater to the dietary needs of goldfish, including proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Like other high-quality goldfish flake foods, ours aims to support the growth, color vibrancy, and overall health of goldfish. The flakes are usually formulated to float on the water's surface, making it easier for goldfish to feed.

All our “finatics” line of food is made by us in the U.S.A. 

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein Minimum 42.0%
Crude Fat Minimum 5.0%
Crude Fiber Maximum 3.0%
Moisture Maximum 10.0%
Phosphorus Minimum 1.4%

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