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Live Daphnia Magna Aquarium Food Cultured Indoors

Live Daphnia Magna Aquarium Food Cultured Indoors

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Daphnia in the Daphnia is a great source of live food for freshwater aquarium fish (and even saltwater aquariums see below) due to their high protein content. Our daphnia are raised indoors in a controlled environment. The jerking movement they make as they swim activates the aquarium fish instinct to eat. You can  not overfeed a freshwater aquarium as un-eaten daphnia will stay alive in the aquarium until they are eaten. 

Daphnia are small. the smallest ones are about the size of a pin point and the largest can be size of a bb. 

Daphnia are filter feeders meaning that they will filter the water getting their food from the water column. typically daphnia are feed using powders creating "green water" for them to feed from. 

What is Daphnia: Live daphnia are tiny freshwater crustaceans that are commonly used as live food for aquarium fish and invertebrates. They are often referred to as "water fleas" due to their jerky and hopping movements. Daphnia is a genus of small planktonic crustaceans, 0.2–6.0 mm (0.01–0.24 in) in length. Daphnia are members of the order Anomopoda.

Feeding Saltwater Aquariums: Our daphnia are raised in a freshwater environment. When feeding a saltwater aquarium only add what can be eaten in a few minutes as any left over will not survive long in the saltwater. Our saltwater fish do love them. 

 Care: There is plenty information online about breading this little guys so i wont go into detail here on breeding simply to a search on breeding daphnia on the web. 

 Shipping:  We ship priority mail Monday through Wednesday to avoid having your package sit at the post office through the weekend. Orders placed on Wednesday will not ship until the following Monday. ice  packs are included as needed.  All shipments are tracked. You will always get extra daphnia in the shipment to compensate for any minimal loss that may occur during shipment. In case of an entire colony being lost we require you to notify us with photos of the unopened bag within 3 hours of its arrival. 

Local pickup: Free local pickup is always available were in eastern Contra Costa County. 


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