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20 Live Freshwater Ghost Shrimp - Feeder Shrimp - Glass Shrimp - Free Shipping

20 Live Freshwater Ghost Shrimp - Feeder Shrimp - Glass Shrimp - Free Shipping

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This Item ships Monday/Tuesday and Wednesday  - We always include a few extra in case some do not travel well during shipment. 

All our ghost shrimp come from suppliers to the pet industry. All are purchased via our wholesale account when we order fish. This helps to ensure that they have been bred and raised in controlled environments, this greatly minimize the risk of introducing potential diseases, parasites, or other complications into your aquarium.

Ghost shrimp, also known as glass shrimp or ghost glass shrimp, are small, transparent crustaceans that belong to the family Palaemonidae. They are commonly kept in freshwater aquariums as ornamental pets and are appreciated for their unique appearance and interesting behavior.

Yes, ghost shrimp (Palaemonetes spp.) are commonly used as live or frozen fish food in the aquarium hobby. Many freshwater and marine fish species find ghost shrimp to be a nutritious and enticing food source.

Live Food: Ghost shrimp are often used as live food in pet stores and fishkeeping shops. They can be fed to various types of carnivorous and omnivorous fish that enjoy hunting live prey. The movement of the ghost shrimp can stimulate natural predatory behaviors in the fish, making it an engaging and enriching feeding option.

  1. Provide Adequate Food: Feed the ghost shrimp well in the holding tank to ensure they are healthy and nutrient-rich for your fish. Algae-based pellets, vegetables like blanched spinach or zucchini, and quality sinking pellets can be good options.

  2. Feed in Moderation: When introducing ghost shrimp to the main tank, only add a few at a time. Overfeeding with shrimp can lead to excess waste and compromised water quality.

  3. Observe Fish Reaction: Watch how your fish react to the introduction of ghost shrimp. Some fish may readily consume them, while others might take some time to recognize them as food.

  4. Remove Uneaten Shrimp: If your fish don't consume all the shrimp within a short period, remove any uneaten shrimp to prevent them from decaying and affecting water quality.

  5. Variety and Balance: While ghost shrimp can offer valuable nutrition, it's important to maintain a balanced diet for your fish. Incorporate a mix of pellet food, live/frozen foods, and occasional treats like ghost shrimp to ensure a diverse and nutritious diet.


To maintain the highest quality, all fish undergo a one-week quarantine upon arriving at our warehouse before being made available for sale. This practice helps ensure the health and well-being of the fish we offer to our customers.

Live aquatic life is exclusively shipped on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Wednesdays. If an order is placed between Wednesday and Sunday, it will be held until the following Monday, unless overnight shipping is selected. This schedule might change due to holidays or other unforeseen circumstances 

As with all live animal sales, there is a risk that they may arrive dead (DOA). If this is the case then a picture of the dead fish WITHIN THEIR ORIGINAL UN-OPEN BAG must be sent to us. (

If the fish die anytime after they are released into their tank, that responsibility falls on the owner and no refund can be provided. 

Furthermore, to qualify for the Live Arrival Guarantee, you must be present to receive the fish during the first delivery attempt. If you will not be home for delivery we suggest you arrange for the delivery service to hold your package at their facility for pickup, allowing the package to sit on your porch in extreme hot or cold weather is obviously not the best option for your new aquatic life. 

For any concerns regarding your order, please use the link in the bottom right corner  (if on our web site) to reach out to us or email us at

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