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Neon Blue Stiphoden Goby

Neon Blue Stiphoden Goby

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Stiphodon gobies, commonly known as "gudgeons" or "suckerbelly gobies," are a group of small, colorful freshwater fish belonging to the family Gobiidae. They are native to streams and rivers in Southeast Asia, particularly in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. Stiphodon gobies are known for their vibrant colors and interesting behavior.

While there are several species of Stiphodon gobies, such as Stiphodon semoni or Stiphodon atropurpureus, they are typically known for their patterns and colors rather than a specific neon blue coloration. Some Stiphodon species may exhibit shades of blue or other bright colors on their bodies, but the intensity and appearance can vary between individuals and populations.

A great algae eater, these are specialized benthic feeders which scrape biofilm, algae, and other small organisms from rocks. In the aquarium, they readily graze on algae wafers, large sinking pellets, Repashy, and other stable foods that don't rapidly dissolve in the water column. Like Loricariad catfish, these gobies scrape their food and ingest it a little at a time, so they need a lot of time with the food and are easily outcompeted by rapid swimmers and aggressive eaters. A mature aquarium with lots of biofilm and algae buildup helps keep them fat and sassy by providing grazing between meals.



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