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FAT ALGAE TABS WAFERS - For pleco, Snails and other algae eating bottom feeders.

FAT ALGAE TABS WAFERS - For pleco, Snails and other algae eating bottom feeders.

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Introducing the Premium Algae Wafer, a specialized fish food meticulously crafted for herbivorous and algae-consuming fish species like plecos, catfish, snails, and certain cichlids. Our unique wafers are meticulously fashioned from a blend of top-tier plant-based elements, including spirulina algae, nutrient-rich kelp, and an array of wholesome vegetable components.

The Premium Algae Wafers represent a comprehensive and harmonious diet for herbivorous aquatic inhabitants, furnishing them with all the vital nutrients, vitamins, and minerals essential for their well-being and radiant coloration. Engineered for rapid sinking and structural integrity, these wafers guarantee effortless consumption for fish.

For those with herbivorous species gracing their aquariums, opting for Premium Algae Wafers stands as a strategic approach to ensure their nutritional needs are met comprehensively.

Our algae wafers distinguish themselves with a sturdier composition compared to the majority available in the market, translating to extended consumption periods.

Noteworthy is the fact that these algae wafers exhibit a remarkable protein content exceeding 30%. The ingredients span across algae, spirulina, vegetables, fish, kelp, shrimp, krill, and a medley of other nourishing marine constituents. This precise formulation is geared towards fostering optimal health, efficient digestion, and vibrant color expression.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein: 30%, Crude Fat: 7.5%, Crude Fiber: 4%, Moisture: 10%


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