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Finatics Aquarium

Purple Luminous Male Guppy Fish

Purple Luminous Male Guppy Fish

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A perfect starter fish! Guppies are peaceful community fish that reproduce with ease. They are livebearers, meaning the females release live fry rather than laying eggs.


Live Fish only ship Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  It takes two days preparation prior to shipping to prepare the fish for their journey to their new home. 


All fish are held at our facility upon arrival for one week before ever being listed for sale.


Finatics-Aquarium guarantees that your fish will be delivered alive and healthy. In the unlikely event that you receive a perished fish, do not worry. You can choose to receive a credit on a future order or a refund.

In order to receive the credit or refund, we require a clear picture within two hours of the first delivery attempt. Please remove the perished fish from the shipping bag and place it on a white background. 

Please Note: The 2-hour window means you must send the information within two hours of receiving your fish. We will get back to you as soon as possible but it may not be within that 2-hour window. Nevertheless, we will honor our Live Arrival Guarantee.

Additionally, in order to receive the Live Arrival Guarantee, you must be home to receive your fish on the first delivery attempt.

We do not refund shipping costs.
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