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Red Belly Pacu 2-2.5" Live Fish

Red Belly Pacu 2-2.5" Live Fish

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  • Diet: Pacus are omnivores. Feed them a varied diet including high-quality pellets, vegetables like peas, fruits, and some meaty foods. Be cautious about overfeeding, as they have a tendency to eat a lot.

  • Tank Mates: They are generally peaceful but can outgrow smaller tank mates. Tank mates should be chosen carefully, and it's best to keep them with other large, peaceful fish.

  • Social Nature: Pacus are social fish and thrive better when kept in groups of three or more.

  • Behavior: They are active swimmers and appreciate space to move. Providing a well-planted tank with driftwood can mimic their natural habitat.


To maintain the highest quality, all fish undergo a one-week quarantine upon arriving at our warehouse before being made available for sale. This practice helps ensure the health and well-being of the fish we offer to our customers.

Live aquatic life is exclusively shipped on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturday. This schedule might change due to holidays or other unforeseen circumstances.


As with all live animal sales, there is a risk that they may arrive dead (DOA). If this is the case then a picture of the dead fish WITHIN THEIR ORIGINAL UN-OPEN BAG must be sent to us. 

If the fish die anytime after they are released into their tank, that responsibility falls on the owner and no refund can be provided. 

If you will not be home for delivery we suggest you arrange for the delivery service to hold your package at their facility for pickup, allowing the package to sit on your porch in extreme hot or cold weather is obviously not the best option for your new aquatic life. 

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