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True Albino Heckellii Threadfin Acara

True Albino Heckellii Threadfin Acara

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Approx 3”


The True Albino Heckelii Threadfin Acara, also known as the Albino Acara or Albino Aequidens, is a beautiful and unique freshwater fish species that belongs to the cichlid family (Cichlidae). It is a selectively bred variant of the Heckelii Threadfin Acara (Aequidens sp.) with a lack of pigmentation, resulting in a white or pale yellow coloration.

The Albino Heckelii Threadfin Acara has a similar body shape and size to the regular Heckelii Threadfin Acara. It has a laterally compressed body, pointed dorsal and anal fins, and elongated thread-like extensions on its dorsal and anal fins, giving it a threadfin appearance. The exact appearance can vary, but they typically have a vibrant reddish or pinkish eye color.

In terms of size, these fish can grow up to about 4 to 5 inches (10 to 13 cm) in length, with males being slightly larger than females. They are relatively peaceful compared to some other cichlid species, but they can exhibit territorial behavior during breeding or when establishing their territory. It is best to provide them with ample space and hiding spots in the aquarium to reduce aggression.

When it comes to their care requirements, Albino Heckelii Threadfin Acaras prefer a well-maintained aquarium with a moderate water flow. They appreciate having plenty of hiding places like caves, driftwood, or rocks to establish territories and feel secure. Water parameters for them should be kept within the range of pH 6.0 to 7.5, temperature between 76-82°F (24-28°C), and moderate water hardness.

As omnivorous fish, their diet should consist of a balanced mix of high-quality pellet or flake food supplemented with occasional live or frozen foods. This can include brine shrimp, bloodworms, daphnia, and small crustaceans. Providing a varied diet will help ensure their nutritional needs are met.

Breeding Albino Heckelii Threadfin Acaras can be achieved in a suitable aquarium environment with the right conditions. They are substrate spawners, and both parents will actively participate in caring for the eggs and fry. It is recommended to provide a flat surface or a small pit for them to lay their eggs on, and once the eggs hatch, the parents will continue to guard and care for the fry.

Overall, the Albino Heckelii Threadfin Acara is a visually striking and fascinating fish that can be a captivating addition to a well-maintained aquarium. Their unique coloration adds a touch of elegance to any tank, and with proper care, they can thrive and provide enjoyment for their keepers.

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